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Visual Content

Photos and other graphic images used by Lab Tests Online have been produced or contributed to by various people and organisations including:

Photographers / Graphic designers

Link Nichol Photography. Follow that Sample photos (except "Labeling the Blood Sample").

Roberta Carey, PhD. [LTO-US Editorial Review Board member]. "Labeling the Blood Sample" from Follow that Sample.

Wayne Chandler, MD. [LTO-US Editorial Review Board member]. "Physiologic coagulation cascade" and "Testing coagulation cascade" from Coagulation Cascade

D. Robert Dufour [LTO-US Editorial Review Board member] and William Clarke (editors). Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry. Copyright 2006 AACC. Figure: Faucets and Drains. Illustration of Acid-Base Balance on Acidosis and Alkalosis page.

Mary Lowery Nordberg [Editorial Review Board member]. Photos of FISH positive for trisomy 21, HER-2/neu, and BCR-ABL on Laboratory Methods: FISH.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Kidney Stones and Normal Urinary Tract on Kidney Stone Analysis: Test Sample.

National Cancer Institute. Diagram of the Respiratory System, including the lungs on Lung Diseases and Asthma and Adenosine Deaminase: Test Sample.

National Cancer Institute. Artist: Alan Hoofring. Adrenal Gland on Catecholamines: Test Sample, Plasma Free Metadrenaline: Test Sample, and Urine Metadrenaline: Test Sample

NIDDK Public Image Library. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. "Paths of various nerves in the body" on Neuropathy.

Don Bliss. National Cancer Institute. "Location of the thyroid" on Thyroid Diseases and Calcitonin.

NIDDK. Drawing of a Kidney and the Urinary Tract on Proteinuria.

Darryl Leja. National Human Genome Research Institute. DNA double helix and Polymerase chain reaction on Laboratory Methods: PCR

Stephen P. Halloran & Jonathan Berg in the UK.

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